• Welcome

    From 1 November 2020

    our new prayer labyrinth will be ready for you.

    Please be patient as we make something beautiful for you.

  • How It Works

    How to come on the journey with us when it is ready for you.



    Watch the introduction video, which will appear below here when ready.


    Head to Location 1

    After the intro, you'll be invited to location 1.


    Follow the routes

    Follow the suggested trails as directed, or go your own path! Each one takes about 5 minutes, and you can do them with as much time between them as you need. One longer experience, or a number of 5 minute trips!



    Take it at your own pace, listen to God and write down anything you feel you hear.

    Maybe share that with someone else too.



    If you would like, share this site on social media.

    This will be the October 2020 version.

    We will aim to refresh the journey for you next in February 2021.

  • prayer labyrinth

    Eventually this will be the introductory video. For now, a taste.

    Each 'location' is somewhere different on the beautiful Isle of Man

    Thanks to Chris Gulland Aerial Photography for partnering with us to create this stunning footage.

    There is a link to his site below.

  • Who's made this all happen?

    If you liked this, and want to find more resources made by the pioneer community, and available to anyone, you can follow the link below to our website and find out more.