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    Welcome to our 2021 interactive prayer labyrinth.

    Labyrinths are journeys along a path, not mazes.

    They are designed to take you somewhere.


    We hope you love this prayer journey across our fictitious island.

    Do it from home, as an individual, in groups, or out in the countryside.

    Do it at your own pace, every day, intermittently, or choose a handful to do.

  • INtroduction video

    A super-brief (under 2 mins) intro to the prayer labyrinth 2021

  • How It Works

    How to come on the journey with us.


    Print yourself a map

    We have 5 journeys, all of differing lengths across our Island. However, there is also a blank map for you to prayerfully plot your own journey.


    Follow the routes

    Follow the suggested trails as directed (or go your own path).

    One a day is a good pace, but go as you feel led.

    Just don't binge on them, as you'll miss the 'slow yourself' feel of the journey.



    Take it at a slow pace on purpose, listen to God and write down anything you feel you hear.

    Maybe share that with someone else too.



    If you would like, share this site on social media. You can also share any of the individual videos.

  • Videos 1-4

    These are all based on 1 Peter, chapter one.

    001 | GIANT'S STEPS

    Based on 1 Peter 1.1-2

    002 | GULL ISLAND

    Based on 1 Peter 1.4b-7

    003 | NIA BRULL

    Based on 1 Peter 1.10-12


    Based on 1 Peter 1.17-21

  • Videos 5-8

    These are all based on 1 Peter, chapter two.

    005 | TURTLE BEACH

    Based on 1 Peter 2.1-3

    006 | POINT FLARE

    Based on 1 Peter 2.9-10

    007 | JANBRY COAST

    Based on 1 Peter 2.11-12

    008 | CORN COTTAGE

    Based on 1 Peter 2.21-25

  • Videos 9-12

    These are all based on 1 Peter, chapter three.

    009 | THOLT-Y-LAA

    Based on 1 Peter 3.1-7

    010 | TAIL OF THE SEA

    Based on 1 Peter 3.8-12

    011 | THE SLOY

    Based on 1 Peter 3.13-16

    012 | WHEATSWORD

    Based on 1 Peter 3.17-22

  • Videos 13-16

    These are all based on 1 Peter, chapter four.

    013 | MOIRREY PORT

    Based on 1 Peter 4.1-4

    014 | WESTWICK

    Based on 1 Peter 4.7-11

    015 | CRONK LAA

    Based on 1 Peter 4.12-14

    016 | RAMS BEACH

    Based on 1 Peter 4.15-19

  • Videos 17-20

    These are all based on 1 Peter, chapter five.


    Based on 1 Peter 5.1-4


    Based on 1 Peter 5.5-7

    019 | LAMB ROCK

    Based on 1 Peter 5.8-11


    Based on 1 Peter 5.12-14

  • The full text

    Whilst we haven't re-worded everything in this beautiful and ancient letter, we have done almost all of it. Here are all of the Bible passage parts in one fused video.

    The Full Text.

    Re-worded from the original letter.

    To hear or read the original, see the link below.

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    After you think you've done all you want to, here are some ideas for how to end well.


    1. Team up with someone else who has done the Labyrinth and chat/pray together.

    2. Revisit one that really made you think.

    3. Talk to a mentor/friend about things that you want to explore more.

    4. Recommend it to someone else, and go through it alongside them.

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    Who's made this all happen?

    If you liked this, and want to find more resources made by the pioneer community, and available to anyone, you can follow the link below to our website and find out more.

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    Alternatively, if you're after retreat space...

    This has also been made in partnership with a brand new retreat house in the west of the Isle of Man.

    Thie Dy Vea (House of Life) is a non-denominational retreat house.


    It's just getting established at the moment, and due to open soon .

    Click on this link to find out how you can continue your reflective, life-giving journey in this space.

  • The Bible

    Don't just take our word for it!

    All of these journey destinations have been inspired by the timeless writings

    from one short part of the Christian Scriptures.


    The apostle Peter (one of Jesus' first disciples)

    wrote a letter to a group of Christians who were scattered across the world because of persecution.

    Some had to hide, some refused to, but all of them needed encouragement.

    Peter gave it to them.


    To read this brilliant letter in a variety of translations for free (not just English), click the link below.

    It will take you to the first chapter of 1 Peter (only 5 short chapters in the whole thing).

    You can change the translation,

    change the chapter,

    or even navigate to anywhere in the Bible.


    This site also has study notes, and all for free.